The Perfect Fit

Naturally, we seek for the pieces of our lives to fit perfectly together. Into an image of ourselves we can be content with and proud of. We wish for every piece to have meaning. For no part of our lives to have been "wasted" or "bad".

Understanding what we did and why is not a requirement for growth. 

We are a different person right now in this very moment that we were yesterday, last month, last year, etc... But somehow, we find that connecting the dots makes us feel safer, as if understanding our past selves will guarantee the mistakes will not be made again. Interestingly enough, not all things in life are meant to be understood. Accepting this small truth catapults our growth and the rest of our lives.

Who we are with what we know in this moment, is the most important thing that matters.

Awareness cannot be undone. Bigger thoughts cannot fit into smaller ones.

The more we worry about figuring out our past selves, the more we will be our past selves to put it together. Costing us too much of our energy, rather than investing in what makes our energy richer.

Why things happen the way they do is and will remain one of life's greatest mysteries.

So, what to do with all the pieces of your life?

Paint the past any way you like.

As long as it looks beautiful to you... that's the perfect fit.