How the flower unfolds

Time and time again,

I have unraveled and pieced my thoughts, beliefs, and sense of self back together.

There is so much I embody.

Sometimes I soar above societies realities and dance in the divine energy of my manifestations coming into creation. Free as a bird, as the moon. 

Sometimes the weight of society is too heavy for my wings. Trying to label myself for the sake of other’s sanity while resisting the chains that come with it.

It’s a never ending battle of imprisoning and freeing myself when it comes to identity.

I know what I’m here to do. I know who I’m here to be. How do I put myself in front of you to see; I’ve been to the depths of darkness. I’ve swam across oceans of emotions. I’ve broken into hundreds of pieces.

And what saved me was no hero. 

What saved me was no luck. 

I simply had a thought, 

“What if I am enough?”

This thought became a lighthouse in the darkness with shores of happiness in the horizon. This territory of momentarily thinking anew, I was profoundly redirected towards exploration. I decided, wherever this takes me, that is where I want to be. I decided to self discover instead of suffer.

The closer I got to that lighthouse of a thought, “What if I am enough?”, the closer I returned home to my wholeness. This spec of light soon turned into an entire sky of FAITH.

Faith because I didn’t have to see emotional paradise to believe it. I didn’t need to know what was going to happen, or how I would get there. All I knew was I accepted the shift that shook me out of suffering into grace. I would not ignore the life raft thrown before me. I would grab on with all the pieces I had left, and find my way home. 

In my worst moments, in my darkest hours, my spirit revealed itself in the subtlest of ways, reminding me that I was not alone and I would be okay. 

I felt it when the rain washed away my pain. 

I felt it when the wind reminded me to play. 

I felt it when the sun kissed my kindness. 

I felt it when the mountains grounded my mind. 

I felt it when the stars healed my scars.

I felt it when the moon held my soul.

I felt it when the sea gazed truth back at me.

All along, the journey wasn’t with or against me. It WAS me.

In the most beautiful of ways, I was never the same after self discovery and the power of faith.


A sensitive soul who realized she was a seed, blooming indefinitely.

Planting LIGHT for everyone to find their way home.